Datawarehouse Administration & Hosting

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Data Warehouse Administration

Data Warehouse Administration is the management of the organization’s data warehouse. Archiving, consistency checks, developing/maintaining indexing and retrieval functionality, tracking data changes, migration, monitoring, performance issues, replication issues, data quality, and sizing/space management are all the various functions of data warehouse administration. Among these backup and recovery strategies are the most important just in case there is an emergency.

At times small organizations do not have enough expertise or cannot incur the heavy hardware cost for maintaining a data warehouse. In such cases, they may avail the services of  data warehouse hosting .

Data Hosting

Hosting is the service provided by companies by providing space, software and hardware support services and internet connectivity on a server they own to their clients, typically in a data center. This can also be a file storage service. The are various hosting plans that a client can choose from.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence includes software applications, technologies and analytical methodologies that perform data analysis to provide useful information to the managers to make decisions based on data driven facts and figures.

  • Oracle corporation ( has it’s own suite of Business Intelligence products built around the Oracle database and solutions. Called the Business Intelligence 10g, it provides tools for ad-hoc querying, reporting and analysis, BI application development in a comprehensive pre-integrated package.
  • IBM ( has it’s datawarehousing and Business Intelligence products built around the DB2 engine. Called the DBE V8 2.1, it has advanced analytics built in, with OLAP, data mining, and ETL capabilities.

Datawarehousing & Business Intelligence Conferences

The industry has a few conferences held on a periodic basis that attracts the key players in the industry. You will suppliers and buyers and academia/researchers from various countries all at the same place. It is a great opportunity to for sales, eliciting customer feedback, assess competition, train/introduce new employees by introducing the industry, re-connect with customer and also find new employees.

One of the big shows in the industry is The Data Warehousing Institute’s (TDWI) World Conference held usually every quarter. Check out here for more information. These usually offer training and refresher courses in the fast evolving field.

The other big events are organized by Data Management International. The home page lists the big annual events. These events attract quite a bit of foreign participation.

A note for vendors/exhibitors – often these organizations are looking for exhibitors for hosting booths at the the show; and speakers who can present to the attendees. Reach out to them for last minute deals due to cancellations. If you are not sure about participation then reach out to cancellation & travel insurance folks like for protection & cancellations.