Cleaning Of a Data Warehouse

A data warehouse stores innumerable amount of data that is pulled from various databases from across the world. The main use of a data warehouse is in strategic decision making. Like for example – it is with the help of a data warehouse that companies are able to offer promotional offers to all their valued customers. Without a data warehouse, it would become difficult for companies to realize how much profit or loss has been generated. Here we are not speaking about one company having an office in a commercial building, but we are speaking about giant companies such as Pepsi and Coke that have offices based across the globe.

That is the reason why we have mentioned that a data warehouse is very important when a company has many branches all over. With so much data being made available from all over, it is equally important to clean the data warehouse occasionally. Remember, there are no data cleaner which can be used for the entire data warehouse. Therefore the best method to clean a data warehouse is to conduct analysis, that is to understand the exact context of the entire data. Based on this analysis, we will have to create transformation rules to help transform all the unwanted data to clean data. All these transformation rules then have to be verified with the help of simple data so as to make very sure that the rules are working as intended.

Once the entire cleaning procedure has been completed, it is very important that human intervention is required to make sure that there are no more unwanted data still in the data warehouse. This cannot be eradicated or checked automatically, but human help is necessary. This is why we must plan to clean our data warehouse. Periodic cleaning is very important for data warehouse.