Reason for Having a Data Warehouse

There are many questions put forth such as to provide a reason to why a company requires a data warehouse and what are its benefits? Well in simple terms, in case you wish to get any information about your company such as finding out the turnover of your business for the current month or last month or even last year, find out the number of employees in your firm, the number of sales generated by each and every salesman in your company and which employee is topping the list etc. All these can be found out from a data warehouse.

The best part of a data warehouse is that if you have branches in different regions, you can link each of these branches and find out the sales from each of the branches in a particular day. A data warehouse is considered to be a resourceful and a well organized set of data which can be made available with the click of a button.

Another important feature is that this data cannot be used and checked by anyone. It can be checked only by an authorized person of the company such as the director of the company. To log in, they will have to enter a user name and a password and hence there is no fear that employees can sneak into the data to find out the information they require.

Data warehouse also helps in preparing various types of reports such as exception reports, trends reports, analyzing reports etc. Precisely, a data warehouse is very important for any company whether big or small. Having a data warehouse installed will help the company to push their sales to a different level altogether. They can also compare their sales before installing a data warehouse in their office and the achievement of sales after its installation. Definitely, the sales will show an upward trend with the help of a data warehouse.