Tips on How to design a Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a type of software that is used in many companies to get all the relevant information relating to the business of the company. Having such software eases the problems of all the staff and employees who wish to generate sales invoices, purchase orders, vouchers, receipts etc.

In case you are planning to design your own data warehouse for your company, there are a few points to be taken into consideration. Some of the main points that are required to be noted are-

a- Choosing the right subject for which the data warehouse will have to be designed.
b- Make a prior decision with regards to what the fact table would represent.
c- Take out the dimension of the whole design and then re-confirm it.
d- Choose the right kind of facts.
e- Do proper pre-calculations and make sure that you store them in a proper fact table.
f- Give a proper description regarding tables and definitions.
g- Check out the total duration of the database and also find out periodicity required for an upgrade.
h- Find out the important query priorities along with their modes.

Always remember that while designing a data warehouse for your company, plan it simple and easy so that everyone who is having an access to this software will find it very easy to use. This will automatically reduce the number of errors that can occur while using the software. Another important factor to be taken care off is the cost of implementation of a data warehouse. Many companies fail to calculate the actual cost of data warehouse implementation and this causes the companies to exceed their annual budget for a particular project. Therefore, companies must also make sure to calculate the number of people who will be using the software and not just the software, hardware and its technology.