What is a Data Warehouse?

In the past, data warehouse was used by only the large companies across the globe. That is not the case anymore. Almost all companies whether big or small make use of data warehouse for their day to day functions. A data warehouse is very important for smaller companies especially to help them boost their sales and bring about more revenues into their business.

A data warehouse in simple words is just a piece of information or database. The information that is obtained is about the company, its functions and its activities. This means that the entire transactions of the company, may it be the sales, purchase, payments, receipts anything and everything is included and ends up in a data warehouse. All this information can be obtained with the click of a mouse.

The database that is obtained from a data warehouse is a technical platform or product wherein we can ask real life questions relating to our business. For example – using a data warehouse, you will be able to find out which branch of your company has sold more products and at what price? Companies having various branches can also find out the top salesman in the company and which branch he is currently based. That is the reason why we mentioned earlier that a data warehouse is just a piece of information. One can get any type of information requested without any hassles.

If your company is having only a ‘transaction based data warehouse’, you will not be able to get details such as ‘leading salesman’ from other branches. Transaction based data warehouse is limited to only transactions and not related to the performance of the employees in an organization.

Since there are various types of data warehouse available, it is highly recommended to first check the type of data warehouse that you require for your company. If your company has branches situated everywhere, you will require a different type of data warehouse.